Exterior Mirrors Chevrolet Equinox

Convex Mirrors
Power Mirrors
Folding Mirrors
Heated Mirrors
Automatic Dimming Mirror
Reverse Tilt Mirrors

Exterior Mirrors Chevrolet Equinox

Convex Mirrors.

A convex mirror can make things, like other vehicles, look farther away than they really are. If you cut too sharply into the right lane, you could hit a vehicle on the right. Check the inside mirror or glance over your shoulder before changing lanes.
The passenger side mirror is convex shaped.
A convex mirror’s surface is curved so more can be seen from the driver seat.

Power Mirrors.

To adjust each mirror:.
1 Press or to select the driver or passenger side mirror. The indicator light will illuminate.
2 Press the arrows on the control pad to move the mirror in the desired direction.
3 Adjust each outside mirror so that a little of the vehicle and the area behind it can be seen.
4 Press or again to deselect the mirror.

Memory Mirrors.
The vehicle may have memory mirrors. See Memory Seats.

Turn Signal Indicator.
The vehicle may have a turn signal indicator lamp built into the mirror housing. The turn signal lamp flashes when the turn signals or hazard flashers are used.

Lane Change Alert (LCA).
The vehicle may have LCA. See Lane Change Alert (LCA).

Side Blind Zone Alert.
The vehicle may have Side Blind Zone Alert.
See Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA).

Folding Mirrors.

Manual Folding Mirrors.
The mirrors can be folded inward toward the vehicle to prevent damage when going through an automatic car wash. Push the mirror outward to return it to the original position.

Heated Mirrors.

If equipped, the heated outside mirrors turn on when the rear window defogger is on and help to clear fog or frost from the surface of the mirrors.
: This button is on the climate control panel.
See “Rear Window Defogger” under Dual Automatic Climate Control System.

Automatic Dimming Mirror.

If the vehicle has the automatic dimming mirror, the driver outside mirror automatically adjusts for the glare of headlamps behind you.

Reverse Tilt Mirrors.

If equipped with reverse tilt mirrors and memory seats, the passenger and/or driver mirror tilts to a preselected position when the vehicle is in R (Reverse). This allows the curb to be seen when parallel parking.
The mirror (s) may move from their tilted position when:.
● The vehicle is shifted out of R (Reverse), or remains in R (Reverse) for about 30 seconds.
● The vehicle is turned off.
● The vehicle is driven in R (Reverse) above a set speed.
To turn this feature on or off, see Vehicle Personalization.

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