Certain settings can be managed in the Owner Center sites when an account is established, and may be modified if other users have accessed the vehicle or created accounts. This may result in changes to the security or functionality of the infotainment system. Some settings may also be transferred to a new vehicle, if equipped. For instructions, in the U.S. see or in Canada see or

Refer to the User Terms and Privacy

Statement for important details. To view, touch the Settings icon on the Home Page of the infotainment display.

The settings menu may be organized into four categories. Select the desired category by touching System, Apps, Vehicle, or Personal.

To access the personalization menus:

1. Touch Settings on the Home Page on the infotainment display.

2. Touch the desired category to display a list of available options.

3. Touch to select the desired feature setting.

4. Touch the options on the infotainment display to disable or enable a feature.

5. Touch × to go to the top level of the Settings menu.

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