Setting Navigation

Touch and the following may display:

• Set Up My Places

• Map Preferences

• Route Preferences

• Navigation Voice Control

• Traffic Preferences

• Alert Preferences

• Manage History

• Predictive Navigation

• About

See Using the Navigation System.


Touch and the following may display:

• My Number: Displays the cell phone number of the Bluetooth connected device.

• Active Call View: Shows active call display when answering a call.

Touch the controls on the infotainment display to disable or enable.

• Privacy: Only show call alerts in the instrument cluster.

Touch Off or On.

• Sort Contacts: Touch to sort by first or last name.

• Re-sync Device Contacts:

This allows the device contacts to re-sync if you are having difficulty accessing all of the contacts on your cell phone.

• Delete All Vehicle Contacts:

Touch to delete all vehicle stored contacts.

• OnStar Phone TTY Mode: This enables OnStar cell phone TTY mode.

Touch Disable or Enable.

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