Bulb Replacement Chevrolet Traverse

For the proper type of replacement bulbs, or any bulb changing procedure not listed in this section, contact your dealer.
Do not replace incandescent bulbs with aftermarket LED replacement bulbs. This can cause damage to the vehicle electrical system.
LED Lighting.
This vehicle has several LED lamps. For replacement of any LED lighting assembly, contact your dealer.
Headlamps, Front Turn Signal, and Sidemarker.
The headlamp is an LED. See “LED Lighting” earlier in this section.
Driver Side Shown, Passenger Side Similar.
● Sidemarker Bulb.
● Front Turn Signal.
To replace the front turn signal or sidemarker:.
● Open the hood. See Hood 0 271.
● Locate the bulb socket on the headlamp assembly.
● Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise to remove it from the headlamp assembly.
● Pull the bulb straight out from the socket.
● Push the new bulb into the socket and reinstall the socket into the headlamp assembly by turning it clockwise.
License Plate Lamp.
This applies only to vehicles without rear camera mirrors. All other vehicles are equipped with LED license plate lamps.
To replace one of these bulbs:.
● Push the left end of the lamp assembly toward the right.
● Pull the lamp assembly down gently to remove it from the liftgate.
● Turn the bulb socket (1) counterclockwise to remove it from the lamp assembly (3).
● Pull the bulb (2) straight out of the bulb socket.
● Push the replacement bulb straight into the bulb socket and turn the bulb socket clockwise to install it into the lamp assembly.
● Replace the lamp in the liftgate applique engaging the right side with the clip first.
● Push on the lamp side opposite the clip until the lamp assembly snaps into place.

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