Roof Rack System Chevrolet Equinox

The vehicle may be equipped with side-rails for a roof rack system. Cargo must be secured with properly installed cross rails and other accessories designed to carry cargo. These can be purchased from your dealer.

Before driving and occasionally during a trip, check that cargo is securely fastened, rests evenly between the cross rails and does not block the vehicle’s lamps or windows. Never load cargo directly on the roof of the vehicle or allow cargo to hang over the rear or sides of the vehicle.
Never load cargo without first properly installing cross rails and other accessories designed to carry cargo. Personal injury, death or damage to the vehicle or other property may occur.

If driving for a long distance, on rough roads, or at high speeds, occasionally stop the vehicle to make sure the cargo remains in its place.

Cargo Weight Limits.

Do not exceed the maximum cargo weight for the roof rack system, including the weight of the cross rails and any other accessories used to carry the cargo such as bike racks or roof boxes. The maximum cargo weight that can be loaded onto the roof rack system is 100 kg (220 lb) or the weight designated in the instructions that came with the cross rails or other roof rack accessories, whichever is less.

Never load the roof rack with more weight than specified in this section.
Loading cargo on the roof rack will make the vehicle’s center of gravity higher. To avoid losing control of the vehicle, avoid overloading, high speeds, sudden starts, sharp turns, sudden braking, or abrupt maneuvers when carrying cargo on the roof rack.

The weight of any cargo carried on the roof rack system must be included in calculating the loaded weight of the vehicle. Do not exceed the maximum vehicle capacity when loading the vehicle, including cargo carried on the roof rack system and passengers and cargo carried in the vehicle. For more information on vehicle capacity and loading, see Vehicle Load Limits.

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