Vehicle Messages Chevrolet Equinox

Messages displayed on the DIC indicate the status of the vehicle or some action that may be needed to correct a condition.
Multiple messages may appear one after another.
The messages that do not require immediate action can be acknowledged and cleared by pressing V. The messages that require immediate action cannot be cleared until that action is performed.
All messages should be taken seriously; clearing the message does not correct the problem.
If a SERVICE message appears, see your dealer.
Follow the instructions given in the messages. The system displays messages regarding the following topics:.
● Service Messages.
● Fluid Levels.
● Vehicle Security.
● Brakes.
● Steering.
● Ride Control Systems.
● Driver Assistance Systems.
● Cruise Control.
● Lighting and Bulb Replacement.
● Wiper/Washer Systems.
● Doors and Windows.
● Seat Belts.
● Airbag Systems.
● Engine and Transmission.
● Tire Pressure.
● Battery.

Engine Power Messages.

This message displays when the vehicle’s propulsion power is reduced. A reduction in propulsion power can affect the vehicle’s ability to accelerate. If this message is on, but there is no observed reduction in performance, proceed to your destination.
Under certain conditions the performance may be reduced the next time the vehicle is driven. The vehicle may be driven while this message is on, but maximum acceleration and speed may be reduced. Anytime this message stays on, or displays repeatedly, the vehicle should be taken to your dealer for service as soon as possible.
Under certain operating conditions, propulsion will be disabled. Try restarting after the ignition has been off for 30 seconds.

Vehicle Speed Messages.

This message shows that the vehicle speed has been limited to the speed displayed. The limited speed is a protection for various propulsion and vehicle systems, such as lubrication, thermal, brakes, suspension,.
Teen Driver if equipped, or tires.

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