Drive Systems Chevrolet Equinox

All-Wheel Drive.

Vehicles with this feature can operate in All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Mode.
The AWD system delivers power to all four wheels and the system adjusts as needed to improve traction.
Press the AWD switch on the center console to activate the system. The AWD light will flash briefly while the system is engaging and stay lit to indicate AWD is active. Press the switch again to disable the system. The light will flash briefly while the system disables and then stay off.
The AWD Mode will stay selected until the mode is changed.
When operated in Front-Wheel Drive (FWD).
Mode, the vehicle will deliver power to the front wheels only and may provide better fuel economy.
A system off message displays when there is a temporary condition making the AWD system unavailable. The vehicle will run in FWD.
This could be caused by:.
● A compact spare tire on the vehicle.
● AWD system overheat.
● Loss of wheel or vehicle speed.
● Certain other vehicle electrical conditions.
The message turns off when the compact spare tire is replaced by a full-size tire, the differential fluid cools, or the above conditions are no longer present and the warning message is reset.
To reset the warning message manually, turn the ignition off and then back on again after 30 seconds. If the message stays on, see your dealer.

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