Overheated Engine Protection Operating Mode Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If an overheated engine condition exists and the ENGINE POWER IS REDUCED message displays, an overheat protection mode which alternates firing groups of cylinders helps to prevent engine damage. In this mode, a loss in power and engine performance will be noticed.

This operating mode allows the vehicle to be driven to a safe place Vehicle Care 349 in an emergency. Driving extended distances and/or towing a trailer in the overheat protection mode should be avoided.

If the engine or transmission detects an impending hot fluid condition, then the transmission may force upshifts to limit temperatures.

Downshifts may also be prevented in this instance. Normal operation may continue unless the display indicates there is a hot condition and engine should be idled..


After driving in the overheated engine protection operating mode, the engine oil will be severely degraded. Any repairs performed before the engine is cool may cause engine damage.

Allow the engine to cool before attempting any repair. Repair the cause of coolant loss, change the oil, and reset the oil life system.

See [linkin] Engine Oil 0 335.

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