Instrument Panel Fuse Block (Right) Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The right instrument panel fuse block access door is on the passenger side edge of the instrument panel.

Pull off the cover to access the front of the fuse block.

To access the back of the fuse block:

1. Push the tab at the top of fuse block down.

2. Pull the top of the fuse block outward.

3. Reverse Steps 1–2 to reinstall.


The vehicle may not be equipped with all of the fuses, relays, and features shown.

Fuses Usage.

F1 Fuse Right doors.

F2 Fuse Left doors.

F3 Fuse Universal remote system.

F4 –.

F5 –.

F6 Fuse Front blower.

F8 Fuse Lumbar switch.

F10 Fuse Body control module 6/Body control module 7.

F11 Fuse Seat/CLM.

F12 Fuse Body control module 3/Body control module 5.

F14 Fuse Mirrors/Windows module.

F17 Fuse Steering wheel controls.


F19 Fuse DLIS.

F20 Fuse Ventilated seats.

F21 Fuse NOT R/C.

F22 Fuse Heated steering wheel.

F23 Fuse MISC R/C.

F24 Fuse Instrument panel cluster ignition/ Overhead.

F25 Fuse Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ignition/Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning auxiliary.

F26 Fuse USB ports/Special equipment option retained accessory power.

F27 Fuse Accessory power outlet/retained accessory power.

F28 Fuse Accessory power outlet/Battery.

F30 Fuse Sensing and diagnostic module/ Parking brake.

F31 Fuse Body control module 4.

F32 Fuse Special equipment option/Data link connection.

F33 Fuse Body control module 8.

F34 Fuse Cargo lamp.

F40 Fuse CGM.

F41 Fuse Infotainment 1.

F42 Fuse TCP.

F43 –.

F44 Fuse AVM.

F45 Fuse Body control module 2.

F46 Fuse Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning/ Battery 1.

F47 Fuse Instrument panel cluster/Battery.

F48 Fuse Transmission control module.

F49 Fuse Body control module 1.

F50 –.

F51 Fuse Battery 1.

F52 Fuse Battery 2.

F53 –.

F54 Fuse Sunroof.

F55 Fuse Driver power seat.

F56 Fuse DC DC TRANS 1.

F57 Fuse DC DC TRANS 2.

F58 Fuse Infotainment 2.

Circuit Breakers Usage.

1 Accessory power outlet 2.

2 Accessory power outlet 1/Cigarette Lighter.

3 Accessory power outlet 3.

4 Accessory power outlet 4.

Relays Usage.

K1 Relay Run/Crank.

K2 Relay Retained accessory power/Accessory 1.

K4 Relay Retained accessory power/Accessory 2.

K5 –.

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