Engine Fan Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If the vehicle has the Duramax diesel engine, see [linkin] the Duramax diesel supplement.

All Engines Except 6.6L V8 Engine (L8T).

The vehicle has electric cooling fan(s). The fans may be heard spinning at low speed during most everyday driving. The fans may turn off if no cooling is required. Under heavy vehicle loading, trailer towing, high outside temperatures, or operation of the air conditioning system, the fans may change to high speed and an increase in fan noise may be heard. This is normal and indicates that the cooling system is functioning properly. The fans will change to low speed when additional cooling is no longer required.

The electric engine cooling fans may run after the engine has been turned off. This is normal and no service is required.

6.6L V8 Engine (L8T) Only.

The vehicle has a clutched engine cooling fan. When the clutch is engaged, the fan spins faster to provide more air to cool the engine.

In most everyday driving conditions, the fan is spinning slower and the clutch is not fully engaged. This improves fuel economy and reduces fan noise. Under heavy vehicle loading, trailer towing, and/or high outside temperatures, the fan speed increases as the clutch more fully engages, so an increase in fan noise may be heard. This is normal and should not be mistaken as the transmission slipping or making extra shifts. It is merely the cooling system functioning properly. The fan will slow down when additional cooling is not required and the clutch partially disengages.

This fan noise may be heard when starting the engine. It will go away as the fan clutch partially disengages.

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