Noise Control System Chevrolet Silverado 1500


General Motors LLC, warrants to the first person who purchases this vehicle for purposes other than resale and to each subsequent purchaser that this vehicle as manufactured by General Motors LLC, was designed, built and equipped to conform at the time it left General Motors LLC’s control with all applicable U.S. EPA Noise Control Regulations. This warranty covers this vehicle as designed, built and equipped by General Motors LLC, and is not limited to any particular part, component or system of the vehicle manufactured by General Motors LLC. Defects in design, assembly or in any part, component or system of the vehicle as manufactured by General Motors LLC, which, at the time it left General Motors LLC’s control, caused noise emissions to exceed Federal standards, are covered by this warranty for the life of the vehicle.


Federal law prohibits the following acts or the causing thereof:

1. The removal or rendering inoperative by any person, other than for purposes of maintenance, repair, or replacement, of any device or element of design incorporated into any new vehicle for the purpose of noise control prior to its sale or delivery to the ultimate purchaser or while it is in use; or 2. the use of the vehicle after such device or element of design has been removed or rendered inoperative by any person.

Among those acts presumed to constitute tampering are the acts listed below.


Removal of the noise shields or any undercab insulation.


Removal or rendering engine speed governor, if so equipped, inoperative so as to allow engine speed to exceed manufacturer specifications.

Modification of the engine control system or calibration.

Fan and Drive:

• Removal of fan clutch or rendering clutch inoperative.

• Removal of the fan shroud.

Air Intake:

• Removal of air cleaner silencer.

• Reversing air cleaner cover.


• Removal of muffler, catalytic converter, and/or resonator.

• Removal of exhaust pipes and exhaust pipe clamps.

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