Lane Keep Assist (LKA) (1500 Series) Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If equipped, LKA may help avoid crashes due to unintentional lane departures. This system uses a camera to detect lane markings between 60 km/h (37 mph) and 180 km/h (112 mph). It may assist by gently turning the steering wheel if the vehicle approaches a detected lane marking. It may also provide a Lane Departure [symbolwarning] Warning. (LDW) alert if the vehicle crosses a detected lane marking. LKA can be overridden by turning the steering wheel. This system is not intended to keep the vehicle centered in the lane. LKA will not assist and alert if the turn signal is active in the direction of lane departure, or if it detects that you are accelerating, braking or actively steering..

[symbolwarning] Warning.

The LKA system does not continuously steer the vehicle.

It may not keep the vehicle in the lane or give a Lane Departure [symbolwarning] Warning. (LDW) alert, even if a lane marking is detected.

The LKA and LDW systems may not:

• Provide an alert or enough steering assist to avoid a lane departure or crash.

• Detect lane markings under poor weather or visibility conditions. This can occur if the windshield or headlamps are blocked by dirt, snow, or ice; if they are not in proper condition; or if the sun shines directly into the camera.

• Detect road edges.

• Detect lanes on winding or hilly roads.

If LKA only detects lane markings on one side of the road, it will only assist or provide an LDW alert when approaching the lane on the side where it has detected a lane marking. Even with LKA and LDW, you must steer the vehicle. Always keep your attention on the road and maintain proper vehicle position within the lane, or vehicle damage, injury, or death could occur. Always keep the windshield, headlamps, and camera sensors clean and in good repair. Do not use LKA in bad weather conditions or on roads with unclear lane markings, such as construction zones..

[symbolwarning] Warning.

Using LKA while towing a trailer or on slippery roads could cause loss of control of the vehicle and a crash. Turn the system off.

How the System Works.

LKA uses a camera sensor installed on the windshield ahead of the rearview mirror to detect lane markings. It may provide brief steering assist if it detects an unintended lane departure. It may further provide an audible alert or the driver seat may pulse indicating that a lane marking has been crossed.

To turn LKA on and off, press on the center stack. If equipped, the indicator light on the button comes on when LKA is on and turns off when LKA is disabled.

When on,is white, if equipped, indicating that the system is not ready to assist. is green if LKA is ready to assist. LKA may assist by gently turning the steering wheel if the vehicle approaches a detected lane marking. is amber when assisting. It may also provide a Lane Departure [symbolwarning] Warning. (LDW) alert by flashing  amber if the vehicle crosses a detected lane marking. Additionally, there may be three beeps, or the driver seat may pulse three times, on the right or left, depending on the lane departure direction.

Take Steering.

The LKA system does not continuously steer the vehicle.

If LKA does not detect active driver steering, an alert and chime may be provided. Steer the vehicle to dismiss. LKA may become temporarily unavailable after repeated take steering alerts.

When the System Does Not Seem to Work Properly.

The system performance may be affected by:

• Close vehicles ahead.

• Sudden lighting changes, such as when driving through tunnels.

• Banked roads.

• Roads with poor lane markings, such as two-lane roads.

If the LKA system is not functioning properly when lane markings are clearly visible, cleaning the windshield may help.

A camera blocked message may display if the camera is blocked.

Some driver assistance systems may have reduced performance or not work at all. An LKA or LDW unavailable message may display if the systems are temporarily unavailable. This message could be due to a blocked camera. The LKA system does not need service.

Clean the outside of the windshield behind the rearview mirror.

LKA assistance and/or LDW alerts may occur due to tar marks, shadows, cracks in the road, temporary or construction lane markings, or other road imperfections. This is normal system operation; the vehicle does not need service. Turn LKA off if these conditions continue.

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