Lane Change Alert (LCA) (1500 Series) Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If equipped, the LCA system is a lane-changing aid that assists drivers with avoiding lane change crashes that occur with moving vehicles in the side blind zone (or spot) areas or with vehicles rapidly approaching these areas from behind. The LCA warning display will light up in the corresponding outside side mirror and will flash if the turn signal is on..

[symbolwarning] Warning.

LCA does not alert the driver to vehicles outside of the system detection zones, pedestrians, bicyclists, or animals. It may not provide alerts when changing lanes under all driving conditions.

Failure to use proper care when changing lanes may result in injury, death, or vehicle damage.

Before making a lane change, always check mirrors, glance over your shoulder, and use the turn signals.

LCA Detection Zones.

1. SBZA Detection Zone
2. LCA Detection Zone

The LCA sensor covers a zone of approximately one lane over from both sides of the vehicle, or 3.5m (11 ft). The height of the zone is approximately between 0.5m (1.5 ft) and 2m (6 ft) off the ground. The Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA) warning area starts at approximately the middle of the vehicle and goes back 5 m (16 ft). Drivers are also warned of vehicles rapidly approaching from up to 25m (82 ft) behind the vehicle.

How the System Works.

The LCA symbol lights up in the side mirrors when the system detects a moving vehicle in the next lane over that is in the side blind zone or rapidly approaching that zone from behind. A lit LCA symbol indicates it may be unsafe to change lanes. Before making a lane change, check the LCA display, check mirrors, glance over your shoulder, and use the turn signals.

Left Side Mirror Display.

Right Side Mirror Display.

When the vehicle is started, both outside mirror LCA displays will briefly come on to indicate the system is operating. When the vehicle is in a forward gear, the left or right side mirror display will light up if a moving vehicle is detected in the next lane over in that blind zone or rapidly approaching that zone.

If the turn signal is activated in the same direction as a detected vehicle, this display will flash as an extra warning not to change lanes.

LCA is disabled when the trailer connection status is displayed.

A DIC message may display. The SBZA system still operates.

LCA can be disabled through vehicle personalization. When you disable LCA, SBZA is also disabled.

See [linkin] Vehicle Personalization 0 153.

If LCA is disabled by the driver, the LCA mirror displays will not light up.

When the System Does Not Seem to Work Properly.

The LCA system requires some driving for the system to calibrate to maximum performance. This calibration may occur more quickly if the vehicle is driving on a straight highway road with traffic and roadside objects (e.g., guardrails, barriers).

LCA displays may not come on when passing a vehicle quickly, for a stopped vehicle, or when towing a trailer. The LCA detection zones that extend back from the side of the vehicle do not move further back when a trailer is towed. Use caution while changing lanes when towing a trailer. LCA may alert to objects attached to the vehicle, such as a trailer, bicycle, or object extending out to either side of the vehicle.

Attached objects may also interfere with the detection of vehicles. This is normal system operation; the vehicle does not need service.

LCA may not always alert the driver to vehicles in the next lane over, especially in wet conditions or when driving on sharp curves. The system does not need to be serviced. The system may light up due to guardrails, signs, trees, shrubs, and other non-moving objects. This is normal system operation; the vehicle does not need service.

LCA may not operate when the LCA sensors in the left or right corners of the rear bumper are covered with mud, dirt, snow, ice, or slush, or in heavy rainstorms. For cleaning instructions, see [linkin] "Washing the Vehicle" under Exterior Care 0 424.

If the DIC still displays the system unavailable message after cleaning both sides of the vehicle toward the rear corners of the vehicle, see [linkin] your dealer.

If the LCA displays do not light up when moving vehicles are in the side blind zone or are rapidly approaching this zone and the system is clean, the system may need service. Take the vehicle to your dealer.

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