Hill and Mountain Roads Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Driving on steep hills or through mountains is different than driving on flat or rolling terrain. Tips include:

• Keep the vehicle serviced and in good shape.

• Check all fluid levels and brakes, tires, cooling system, and transmission.

• Shift to a lower gear when going down steep or long hills.

[symbolwarning] Warning

Using the brakes to slow the vehicle on a long downhill slope can cause brake overheating, can reduce brake performance, and could result in a loss of braking.

Shift the transmission to a lower gear to let the engine assist the brakes on a steep downhill slope.

[symbolwarning] Warning

Coasting downhill in N (Neutral) or with the ignition off is dangerous. This can cause overheating of the brakes and loss of steering assist. Always have the engine running and the vehicle in gear.

• Drive at speeds that keep the vehicle in its own lane. Do not swing wide or cross the center line.

• Be alert on top of hills; something could be in your lane (e.g., stalled car, crash).

• Pay attention to special road signs (e.g., falling rocks area, winding roads, long grades, passing or no-passing zones) and take appropriate action.

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