E85 or FlexFuel Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Vehicles with a yellow fuel sticker on the fuel door can use either unleaded gasoline or fuel containing up to 85% ethanol (E85). All other vehicles should use only the unleaded gasoline as described in Recommended Fuel (Except 6.2L V8 Engine) 0 276 or Recommended Fuel (6.2L V8 Engine) 0 277.

The use of E85 or FlexFuel is encouraged when the vehicle is designed to use it. E85 or FlexFuel is made from renewable sources.

To help locate fuel stations that carry E85 or FlexFuel, the U.S.

Department of Energy has an alternative fuel website. See www.afdc.energy.gov/afdc/locator/ stations.

E85 or FlexFuel should meet ASTM Specification D 5798 or CAN/ CGSB–3.512 in Canada. Do not use the fuel if the ethanol content is greater than 85%. Fuel mixtures that do not meet ASTM or CGSB specifications can affect driveability and could cause the malfunction indicator lamp to come on.

The starting characteristics of E85 or FlexFuel make it unsuitable for use when temperatures fall below −18 °C (0 °F). Use gasoline or add gasoline to the E85 or FlexFuel.

Because E85 or FlexFuel has less energy per liter (gallon) than gasoline, the vehicle will need to be refilled more often. See [linkin] Filling the Tank (Pickup Model) 0 279 or Filling the Tank (Chassis Cab Model) 0 281.

The only GM approved aftermarket additive is ACDelco Fuel System Treatment Plus-FlexFuel. Follow the instructions on the bottle for proper use. This product is available at your GM dealer..


Some additives are not compatible with E85 or FlexFuel and can harm the vehicle's fuel system. Use only additives approved by GM for E85 or FlexFuel vehicles. Damage caused by unapproved additives would not be covered by the vehicle warranty..


Do not use fuel containing methanol. It can corrode metal parts in the fuel system and also damage plastic and rubber parts.

That damage would not be covered under the vehicle warranty.

To help keep the engine running efficiently, fill the tank with gasoline, up to E15, after filling the tank with E85 one or two times.

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