Driver Assistance Systems Chevrolet Silverado 1500

This vehicle may have features that work together to help avoid crashes or reduce crash damage while driving, backing, and parking. Read this entire section before using these systems..

[symbolwarning] Warning.

Do not rely on the Driver Assistance Systems. These systems do not replace the need for paying attention and driving safely. You may not hear or feel alerts or warnings provided by these systems. Failure to use proper care when driving may result in injury, death, or vehicle damage. See [linkin] Defensive Driving 0 184.

Under many conditions, these systems will not:

• Detect children, pedestrians, bicyclists, or animals.

• Detect vehicles or objects outside the area monitored by the system.

• Work at all driving speeds.

• Warn you or provide you with enough time to avoid a crash.

• Work under poor visibility or bad weather conditions.

• Work if the detection sensor is not cleaned or is covered by ice, snow, mud, or dirt.

• Work if the detection sensor is covered up, such as with a sticker, magnet, or metal plate.

• Work if the area surrounding the detection sensor is damaged or not properly repaired.

Complete attention is always required while driving, and you should be ready to take action and apply the brakes and/or steer the vehicle to avoid crashes.

Audible or Safety Alert Seat

Some driver assistance features alert the driver of obstacles by beeping. To change the volume of the warning chime, see [linkin] “Comfort and Convenience” under Vehicle Personalization 0 153.

If equipped with the Safety Alert Seat, the driver seat cushion may provide a vibrating pulse alert instead of beeping. To change this, see [linkin] “Collision/Detection Systems” under Vehicle Personalization 0 153.


Depending on vehicle options, keep these areas of the vehicle clean to ensure the best driver assistance feature performance. Driver Information Center (DIC) messages may display when the systems are unavailable or blocked.

• Front and rear bumpers and the area below the bumpers
• Front grille and headlamps
• Front camera lens in the front grille or near the front emblem
• Front side and rear side panels
• Outside of the windshield in front of the rearview mirror
• Side camera lens on the bottom of the outside mirrors
• Rear side corner bumpers
• Rear Vision Camera in the tailgate handle
• Rear Camera Mirror and Cargo View Camera in the Cente

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