Maintenance Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Passenger Compartment Air Filter

The filter reduces the dust, pollen, and other airborne irritants from outside air that is pulled into the vehicle.

The filter should be replaced as part of routine scheduled maintenance.

1. Open the lower glove box door completely.

2. Push the dampener arm to the left until it releases the glovebox.

3. Press the sides of the glove box door inward and rotate the door downward to remove.

4. Pull lever on left side of the filter door and slide left, then remove the door. Remove the old filter.

5. Install the new air filter.

6. Reinstall the filter door.

7. Reverse the steps to reinstall the glove box.

See your dealer if additional assistance is needed.


All vehicles have a label underhood that identifies the refrigerant used in the vehicle. The refrigerant system should only be serviced by trained and certified technicians. The air conditioning evaporator should never be repaired or replaced by one from a salvage vehicle.

It should only be replaced by a new evaporator to ensure proper and safe operation.

During service, all refrigerants should be reclaimed with proper equipment. Venting refrigerants directly to the atmosphere is harmful to the environment and may also create unsafe conditions based on inhalation, combustion, frostbite, or other health-based concerns.

The air conditioning system requires periodic maintenance.

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