Air Vents Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Use the sliding knobs on the center and side air vents to change the direction of the airflow.

Air vents blow warm air on the side windows in cold weather. If Floor, Defog, or Defrost modes are selected, a small amount of air will come from the vents close to the window.

To close the front a/c vents, move the sliding knobs to the full down position.

To close the rear a/c vents, move the sliding knobs to the full inboard position.

Operation Tips

• Clear away any ice, snow, or leaves from air inlets at the base of the windshield that could block the flow of air into the vehicle.

• Clear snow off the hood to improve visibility and help decrease moisture drawn into the vehicle.

• Keep the path under the front seats clear of objects to help circulate the air inside of the vehicle more effectively.

• Use of non-GM approved hood deflectors can adversely affect the performance of the system.
Check with your dealer before adding equipment to the outside of the vehicle.

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