Voice Recognition

If equipped, voice recognition allows for hands-free operation within the navigation, audio, phone, and weather applications. This feature can be started by pressing g on the steering wheel or touching g on the infotainment display.

However, not all features within these areas are supported by voice commands. Generally, only complex tasks that require multiple manual interactions to complete are supported by voice commands.

For example, tasks that take more than one or two touches, such as a song or artist to play from a media device, would be supported by voice commands. Other tasks, like adjusting the volume or seeking up or down, are audio features that are easily performed by touching one or two options, and are not supported by voice commands.

In general there are flexible ways to speak commands for completing the tasks.

If your language supports it, try stating a One-Shot command, such as “Directions to address <number, street, city, state/province>.” Do not include the ZIP code while stating the address during the command.

Another example of a One-Shot Destination Entry command is, “Directions to Place of Interest at <hotel>.” If these commands do not work, try saying, “Take me to Place of Interest” or “Find address” and the system will walk you through by asking additional questions.

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