Phone Bluetooth (Overview)

The Bluetooth-capable system can interact with many mobile devices, allowing:

• Placement and receipt of calls in a hands-free mode.

• Sharing of the device’s address book or contact list with the vehicle.

To minimize driver distraction, before driving, and with the vehicle parked:

• Become familiar with the features of the mobile device.

Organize the phone book and contact lists clearly and delete duplicate or rarely used entries.

If possible, program speed dial or other shortcuts.

• Review the controls and operation of the infotainment system.

• Pair mobile device(s) to the vehicle. The system may not work with all mobile devices.

See “Pairing” later in this section.

Vehicles with a Bluetooth system can use a Bluetooth-capable mobile device with a Hands-Free Profile to make and receive phone calls. The infotainment system and voice recognition are used to control the system. The system can be used while the ignition is on or in ACC/ ACCESSORY. The range of the Bluetooth system can be up to 9.1 m (30 ft). Not all mobile devices support all functions and not all mobile devices work with the Bluetooth system. See for more information about compatible mobile devices.


Use the controls on the center stack and the steering wheel to operate the Bluetooth system.

Steering Wheel Controls

 : Press to answer incoming calls and start voice recognition on your connected Bluetooth mobile device.

: Press to end a call, decline a call, or cancel an operation. Press to mute or unmute the infotainment system when not on a call.

Audio System

When using the Bluetooth mobile device system, sound comes through the vehicle's front audio system speakers and overrides the audio system. The volume level while on a mobile device call can be adjusted by pressing the steering wheel controls or the volume control on the center stack. The adjusted volume level remains in memory for later calls. The volume cannot be lowered beyond a certain level.

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