Making a Call Using Contacts and Recent Calls

Calls can be made through the Bluetooth system using personal cell phone contact information for all cell phones that support the Phone

Book feature. Become familiar with the cell phone settings and operation. Verify the cell phone supports this feature.

The Contacts menu accesses the phone book stored in the cell phone.

The Recents menu accesses the recents call list from your cell phone.

To make a call using the Contacts menu:

1. Touch the Phone icon on the Home Page.

2. Touch Contacts.

3. The Contacts list can be searched by using the first character. Touch A-Z on the infotainment display to scroll through the list of names.

Touch the name to call.

4. Touch the desired contact number to call.

To make a call using the  Recents menu:

1. Touch Phone on the Home Page.

2. Touch Recents.

3. Touch the name or number to call.

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