Vehicle Positioning

At times, the position of the vehicle on the map could be inaccurate due to one or more of the following reasons:

• The road system has changed.

• The vehicle is driving on slippery road surfaces such as sand, gravel, or snow.

• The vehicle is traveling on winding roads or long, straight roads.

• The vehicle is approaching a tall building or a large vehicle.

• The surface streets run parallel to a freeway.

• The vehicle has been transferred by a vehicle carrier or a ferry.

• The current position calibration is set incorrectly.

• The vehicle is traveling at high speed.

• The vehicle changes directions more than once, or the vehicle is turning on a turn table in a parking lot.

• The vehicle is entering and/or exiting a parking lot, garage, or a lot with a roof.

• The GPS signal is not received.

• A roof carrier is installed on the vehicle.

• Tire chains are installed on the vehicle.

• The tires are replaced or worn.

• The tire pressure for the tires is incorrect.

• This is the first navigation use after the map data is updated.

• The 12-volt battery has been disconnected for several days.

• The vehicle is driving in heavy traffic where driving is at low speeds, and the vehicle is stopped and started repeatedly.

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