Using the Navigation System

Launch the Nav application by touching the Nav icon on the Home Page or on the shortcut tray near the bottom of the infotainment display.

When the Nav application is launched for the first time, a product walkthrough is available. Use of the feature requires the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy statement to be confirmed.

If available and signed into a profile, it is also suggested to enable and confirm Predictive Navigation.

Predictive Navigation (If Equipped)

If Predictive Navigation is available and confirmed, this feature learns preferences by remembering where the vehicle has been. It uses the locations and navigation history to personalize routes and results.

Predictive Navigation may learn elements such as:

• Personalized routes based on preferred streets.

• Search results that provide best matches at the top of the list.

• Predictive traffic.

• Local map content updating.

Predictive Navigation can also be enabled or disabled at a later time by touching  (Options). While in Options, touch Settings, then Map and Navigation Settings, and then Predictive Navigation.

Navigation Map View

After opening the Nav application for the first time, the application will always open in full map view displaying the vehicle’s current location. When the vehicle is stopped, the search bar will appear along the top of the navigation map view. Manually close the search bar by touching ×. When the vehicle is moving, the  (Search) icon will replace the search bar to maximize the full map view.

Set Up My Places

From the Nav application, set up Home and Work addresses to enable one-touch navigation. To set up Home and Work addresses, touch  and select Settings, then Map and Navigation Settings, and then Set Up My Places. Show My Places on Map should be on by default. Select and enter Home and/ or Work address and save.

Touch  (current vehicle position).

This symbol can also be used to set up Home and Work addresses by touching the bubbles above it.

Touch the pop-up message that appears. The message will automatically close after 15 seconds of inactivity.

To turn off the My Places bubbles, switch Show My Places on Map to Off.

If the vehicle’s system is not signed into a customized profile, the current location icon uses a generic symbol.

Once signed into a customized profile, the current location symbol will show a customized icon. See Navigation Symbols.

Touch the drive To Home or drive To Work pop-up to start either route.

Only one will show if the vehicle is already at Home or Work.

Map and Navigation Settings

Touch  while in the map view to display options. The following may display:

• 3D Heading Up, 2D Heading Up, 2D North

• Show on Map

• Traffic Events (available with OnStar Connected Navigation)

• Range Projection (available for Electric Vehicles)

• Settings

• Edit Destination (if a route has been set)

• Avoid on Route (if a route has been set)

Touch Settings to view Map and Navigation Settings. The following may display:

• Set Up My Places. See “Set Up

My Places” previously in this section.

• Map Preferences

• Route Preferences

• Navigation Voice Control

• Traffic Preferences

• Alert Preferences

• Manage History

• Predictive Navigation: See “Predictive Navigation (If Equipped)” previously in this section.

• Map Updates

• About

To exit a list, touch z in the top right corner to return to the main map view.

Make sure to set up preferences before setting a destination and starting active guidance.

Map Preferences

Touch to choose between basic map feature configurations:

Map Colors

• Auto – Touch to automatically change modes based on lighting conditions.

• Day (Light)

• Night (Dark)

3D Landmark (Default is On) :

Touch On or Off. When turned on, the system will display all 3D Landmarks on the map depending on the zoom level.

3D Building (Default is Off) :

Touch On or Off. When turned on, the system will display all of the possible 3D building shapes on the map depending on the zoom level.

Show Terrain in 3D (Default is Off) : If equipped, touch On or Off. When turned on, the system will display terrain information on the map in 3D view.

Auto-Zoom (Default is On) : Touch On or Off. When turned on, the system will automatically adjust the zoom level when the vehicle is approaching a turn. After the turn is completed, the system automatically brings the zoom back to the originally set level. If the vehicle is approaching a turn with the next turn occurring shortly after, the Auto-Zoom will remain on until both turns are completed.

Route Preferences

Touch to access the Route   Preferences. The choices are:

• Preferred Route – Choose from two different route options: 

Fastest or Eco-Friendly.

‐ Fastest would be the route with the shortest drive time.

‐ Eco-Friendly would be the most fuel-efficient route.

• Avoid on Current Route – Choose any of the road features to avoid while on route:

‐ Highways

‐ Unpaved Roads

‐ Ferries

‐ Carpool Lanes

‐ Toll Roads

‐ Tunnels

‐ Country Borders

Range Projection (Electric Vehicles)

Range Projection allows the vehicle’s electric driving range to be checked at that moment.

Touch the Range Projection icon to display the map screen with a range indicator.

Navigation Voice Control

Touch to access the voice control setting display.

• Navigation Volume – To adjust the volume level, touch the up and down arrows. If the voice guidance prompt is being heard, volume can also be adjusted using the knob on the center stack or the volume switch on the steering wheel.

• Navigation Voice Prompt Level during a Call.

Options available are: 

‐ Full Prompt (Selected by default)

‐ Tone Only

‐ None

Traffic Events (If Equipped)

This feature provides a list of events that are on the route or nearby.

Touch  and then select Traffic

Events. An OnStar connected Navigation service plan is required.

Traffic Preferences (If Equipped)

While in Map View, touch  , then Settings and then Map and Navigation Settings to access Traffic Preferences. When Show Traffic on Map is turned on, the feature provides an overview of the traffic flow using different coded colors.

The following options are available for rerouting:

• Auto Reroute to Better Route –

The system will automatically reroute if the system detects there is a traffic issue ahead.

• Ask Before Rerouting (Default) – 

If the system detects there is a traffic issue ahead, it will display a pop-up with details about the issue. Choose to reroute or cancel the alert.

• Never Search for Better Route –

The system will not check for a better route until one of the above options is selected.

Alert Preferences

Set alerts on or off during both inactive and active guidance views.

The following alerts may be available:

• Congestion Alerts – This alert displays upcoming congestion.

(Available for China only)

• Road Safety Alerts – Touch to display upcoming School Zones.

• Traffic Camera Alerts

Manage History

Touch Manage History to access the History options:

• Clear Recent Destinations –

Touch \ to clear the recent destinations.

• Clear Search History – Touch \ to clear the search history.


Touch to display software information, such as:

• Telenav Terms and Conditions

• Telenav Privacy Statement

• Navigation Version

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