Problems with Route Guidance

Inappropriate route guidance can occur under one or more of the following conditions:

• The turn was not made on the road indicated.

• Route guidance might not be available when using automatic rerouting for the next right or left turn.

• The route might not be changed when using automatic rerouting.

• There is no route guidance when turning at an intersection.

• Plural names of places might be announced occasionally.

• It could take a long time to operate automatic rerouting during high-speed driving.

• Automatic rerouting might display a route returning to the set waypoint if heading for a destination without passing through a set waypoint.

• The route prohibits the entry of a vehicle due to a regulation by time or season or any other regulation which may be given.

• Some routes might not be searched.

• The route to the destination might not be shown if there are new roads, if roads have recently changed, or if certain roads are not listed in the map data. See Maps.

To recalibrate the vehicle's position on the map, park with the vehicle running for two to five minutes, until the vehicle position updates. Make sure the vehicle is parked in a location that is safe and has a clear view of the sky and away from large obstructions.

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