OnStar System

With a connected plan, an OnStar Advisor can download a destination to the vehicle or into the built-in navigation system.

Touch OnStar Services on the Home Page to access the OnStar menu. Touch Turn-by-Turn Directions icon while on the Services tab of the OnStar menu.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

After touching the Turn-by-Turn

Directions icon, select destinations from Recents or Favorites. Recents or Favorites will be empty if this is the first use. To find new locations, touch OnStar Advisor, Home Directions, Place Voice Search, or Address Voice Search.

Lane Guidance

When available, the system will show the best lane(s) to be in for the next maneuver.

Cancel a Route 

If a route is in progress using either the vehicle navigation system or the Turn-by-Turn route, and a new route is requested, the current route in progress will be canceled.

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