The Nav application requires a map database to run. It is stored on an SD card that is connected to the infotainment system. If the map database is not available, a missing SD card error message will be displayed.

SD Card Error Messages

The SD card only works for one unique vehicle. The SD card must pass authentication verification to be used for that specific vehicle.

Potential error scenarios and messages include:

. The SD card has initialized for the first time: “Once initialized, this SD card can only be used for navigation in this vehicle.”

. The SD card is not working properly: “SD card is not functioning properly. (Error Code).”

. The SD card is not paired with the existing system: “This SD card is not valid in this vehicle for navigation. See Owner’s Manual for more detail or visit your dealer. (Error Code).”

. The SD card has been removed from the slot: “SD card has been removed. (Error Code).”

Touch Continue to resume after the initialization error message. For the other messages, touch OK to return to the Home Page.

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