Steering Wheel Controls (Colorado Shown; Traverse Similar)

If equipped, some audio controls can be adjusted at the steering wheel.

: Press to answer an incoming call or start voice recognition. See Bluetooth (Overview)  or Bluetooth (Pairing and Using a Phone)  or “OnStar Overview” in the owner's manual. Press and hold to activate Bluetooth Voice Recognition/Siri Eyes Free. See Voice Recognition .

: Press to decline an incoming call or end a current call. Press to mute or unmute the infotainment system when not on a call.

or : Press the five-way control to go to the previous or next area of a display in the instrument cluster.

or  : Press the five-way control to go up or down in a list on the instrument cluster.

 : Press to select a highlighted menu option.

The favorites and volume switches are on the back of the steering wheel.

1. Favorite: When on a radio source, press to select the next or previous audio broadcast favorite. When listening to a media device, press to select the next or previous track.

2. Volume: Press to increase or decrease the volume.

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